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LMBT 8603


Gentle Deep Tissue

Neck Pain & Headaches

TMJ Dysfunction

Cupping Therapy

Tiffanie has been a licensed massage therapist since 2008 and joined the ZOË team in 2017. Since launching her career, she's spent over a decade developing  her style of "Gentle Deep Tissue" for clients in chronic pain. Her approach is therapeutic and effective without the intensity or lingering soreness of a more traditional deep tissue massage.


She specializes in extensive upper body work to treat tension headaches, earning her nicknames like "The Headache Magician," "The Massage Ninja," & "The Queen of Head, Neck and Shoulders" from her clients. If you suffer from dysfunction brought on by activities like grinding your teeth or long hours in front of a computer, Tiffanie's expertly crafted session is not to be missed. 


Her integration of relaxing Swedish massage with Neuromuscular and TMJ treatment techniques allows her to address specific needs while simultaneously enabling her client to unwind, making her custom style the best of both worlds for clients seeking general relaxation along with pain relief. 

Book with her weekdays, Saturdays, and some Sundays at Carmel Commons!


"I scheduled an appointment with Tiffanie to relieve the knots in my neck and upper back due to sitting at a desk all week. She talked to me before the appointment to find out exactly where my problem spots were. Her attention to detail and work to get the tension out was such a relief! I look forward to going back to Tiffanie again and again! Highly recommend!"

- Beth H.

a Google 5-Star Review

"It’s hard to find a massage therapist that truly listens to what you want and actually delivers. Tiffanie was person whose technique and style was exactly what I wanted and needed. I will be back!"

- Cheryl B.

a Google 5-Star Review

"This was an experience I will never forget!! My husband and I did couples messages. We had Tiffanie and Amanda!! They were amazing and the ambience was everything. She asked areas I needed her to focus on I shared my neck and my back. Listen when I tell you she worked out that area in full detail I left swaying. They both paid attention to every area of our bodies!!! Thank you ladies, you are heaven sent. We will definitely be back!!"

- Alvita F.

a Google 5-Star Review

"This place was great! They had an open spot so I took it. Tiffanie did a great job at working out the areas I pointed out. We played the music of my choice, we talked, she answered all my questions. I came in with some muscle pain and she worked it right out."

- Anthony M.

a Google 5-Star Review

"Really love Tiffanie. Going to start booking her regularly. Such a pleasant human."

- Chandler B.

a Google 5-Star Review

"For our first year anniversary we wanted to do something special - the Romance Couple's Class was perfect! We worked with Tiffanie, who was gracious enough to extend her schedule to accommodate our anniversary date and was a pleasure to work with! She was knowledgeable about all the muscles and showed us varying techniques to use! 10/10 would recommend! I'll be telling all of my married friends what a wonderful experience and great gift this was! Thank you!"

- Daisy G.

a Google 5-Star Review

"Had a great massage from Tiffany the other day. On short notice, I reached out to their line to grab a massage. I forget the name of the person who answered, but she was very helpful. Lined me up with an open slot that day and it was indeed relaxing. Might go for round 2 before much longer and will do it happily. Thank you Tiffany!"

- Rawss L.

a Google 5-Star Review

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