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Careers at Zoë

Have you been in the industry for several years? Are you feeling a little burnt out by the politics, the over-scheduling, the sales quotas and the lack of understanding?

Welcome! Our staff is made up of industry experts just like you. We're therapist owned and operated, and put your needs first. We understand the limits of the body, the need for work/life balance, and that you didn't go to school to do housekeeping chores at work. Here, you'll be respected, develop a clientele in the specific work you're the expert at, and find competitive pay, fast raises, and generous gratuities. 

We schedule differently, ensuring you have time for a complete intake, 60, 90, or 120 minutes of hands-on time, and a checkout where you're in control of re-booking. We utilize state-of-the-art booking and payment software, and have an ironclad cancellation policy, which means you're paid for same-day-cancellations and no-shows. You'll have no laundry duties, either - we use ALSCO linens to provide clean, pressed sheets and towels for each session. Plus, enjoy full control of your own schedule on an easy app interface.


With two busy locations, almost no therapist turnover, and a 5-star rating across review platforms, we're in our 11th year of growth and turning away clients due to the high demand.
- Earn $25+ per hour + all tips
- 15 minute breaks between massages
- Highly independent environment
- Online schedule/roster (view your clients from an app)
- Regular reviews/raise opportunities
- No membership quotas or sales pressure
- Work 8-30 hours per week with max control over your own schedule


- Outstanding massage skills (we offer PAID practicals to qualified applicants)


- Comfortable with minimal management


- Reliable and punctual


- Superior communication and customer service skills


- Capable of utilizing modern technology and using digital devices


- Client-centered approach to massage therapy 


- Current valid NCLMBT License


- Liability insurance (AMTA, ABMP, etc.)


- Prefer 2 year minimum professional experience as a LMBT


Thanks for submitting!

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