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Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage

Prenatal Massage

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Hot Stone Massage

Amanda has been licensed and professionally practicing massage therapy since 2015 and has been on the ZOË Team since 2017. She quickly earned a reputation for her signature slow, meticulous deep tissue massage and has been one of our most highly requested therapists for many years. 


She brings several specialty modalities to our menu, including cupping, hot stone massage, and prenatal massage! She's an expert in finding areas of chronic and acute muscle restrictions and providing intense, focused pain relief sessions, and her Swedish massages include long, drift-inducing strokes, gentle stretching, and a blissful neck and shoulder focus for those who spend significant time at a desk or driving.


Amanda is passionate about providing our clients with top-tier service, professionalism, and customer care. As we've grown, she's been a consistent leader on our team, and in addition to her massage schedule, keeps us running at our very best as the Carmel Commons Manager.

You'll find her on the Carmel Commons schedule Monday - Friday!


"Had the best massage experience here.  Amanda gave an amazing massage and was extremely professional & pleasant!  I really liked how the intake form asks for personal preferences on almost everything, especially conversation preference as I am not a very talkative person and prefer it quiet during my massage.  Another big plus was my therapist gave me a little button to push once I was ready for her to come into the room - most other places don’t do this and I’m always scrambling to get undressed so they don’t walk in before I’m under the sheet.  Overall really great experience and will definitely return."
- Erin C.

a Google 5-Star Review

"Great massage! Worked with Amanda for a 90 min session. I had a problem area that I wanted to focus on the whole session, and she did so thoroughly (which is not something I've experienced with other massage studios). The facility is beautiful. I will definitely be returning!"

- Lauren M.

a Google 5-Star Review

"I had a 90min session with Amanda, who gave me the best massage I’ve had. I play baseball in the pros and needed a lot of soft tissue work and the pressure and techniques Amanda used were perfect. It was also easy to schedule an appointment, get one the next day, and the location is first class."

- Raul S.

a Google 5-Star Review

"I had been dealing with discomfort in my neck and back for weeks. Amanda did an excellent job on my deep tissue massage. I liked how they ask your preferences on music, if you want conversation and if you want the table warm. The warm room was nice and inviting. I will definitely be returning!!!"

- Monica K.

a Google 5-Star Review

"I have had lower back pain and pelvic pain during my pregnancy. In just my first session, my back and pelvic pain was completely gone! The atmosphere was so soothing and relaxing. Amanda has definitely earned herself a lifetime client. Worth every penny!"

- Aliseona C.

a Google 5-Star Review

"Amanda was welcoming and did an amazing job working on muscles that were tight. Salon was clean, comfortable and relaxing."

- Kyla R.

a Google 5-Star Review

"The BEST massage I've had in Charlotte. Amanda was great! I highly recommend her and Zoe!"

- Vern T.

a Google 5-Star Review

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