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“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it when it screams.”


Michaela’s passion for wellness started at a young age and through the years she become a firm believer that “alternative” wellness was the original wellness. Her nature is to nurture and give, so when she found herself a single mother to a beautiful daughter at age 20, looking for a fulfilling career, massage therapy made a lot of sense. She choose to enroll in an intensive program at NC School of Advanced Bodywork in order to work alongside of some of the most talented and impressive instructors in the massage industry, and studied under David Phillips, a certified Rolfer with a PhD in Anatomy. She trained in Swedish massage and various energy modalities, but like her mentors, her heart and soul is neuromuscular work. She capably assesses the body as one functional unit, addresses pain and postural issues as well as range of mobility and motility dysfunction. She's available exclusively at SouthEnd.

"My goal is to work with clients to make very real and achievable results happen. My personal style is slow and attentive, deep and effective. I’ve been nicknamed “Flowy Chloe” because I tend to blend a swedish feel into my neuromuscular work. Looking forward to working with you!"

     ~ Michaela Foster

"The studio was clean and comfortable, the price was reasonable, Michaela was awesome...considerate, thorough and knowledgeable."

a "Verified by Frederick" 5-Star Review

"Very relaxing, nice atmosphere, and felt SO relaxed after Micheala's massage!"

a "Verified by Frederick" 5-Star Review